Prism v5.0 & The Haters

I was listening to .Net Rocks! show 971 with Brian Noyes, and I was glad to hear that Microsoft dropped a new release of Prism – v5.0 for WPF. I have been using the Prism framework on a large application. It allows me to easily break the application into modules. For applications that need more than the simple MVVM support offered by frameworks like MVVM Light, it is a solid choice. All the code is on CodePlex. Here are the highlights of what is new in v5.0 – Broken into smaller more targeted assemblies – Updated NotificationObject to BindableBase – Includes a conventions-based View-Model Locator – Objects can be used to pass data around in Region Navigation

The Haters These are all great updates. Sadly, reading comments on CodePlex would make you think otherwise. Most comments are negative, directed at the complexity and learning curve of the Prism framework. Other comments seem like people blowing off steam about issues in WPF. Normally, I wouldn't pay much attention to comments of this nature. However, it struck me as odd that people have such backlash at technologies that are a clear improvement on previous generations.

For anyone discouraged by the complexity of Prism or WPF in general. Do not lose sight of what the patterns and frameworks surrounding WPF allow you to do. Ultimately, they are allowing you to write testable decoupled code. Be willing to embrace the pain that may be pushing you toward the pit of success.

Microsoft, thanks for the Prism Update! Happy Coding!